Seaside House in Aliko, Naxos



Seaside House in Aliko, Naxos

In the beautiful tranquil area of Alyko by the south-west coast of Naxos,
there is a quaint but very practical two-storey house for sale.
On the ground floor there is an open kitchen-living room space with a bathroom and two large balconies overlooking an exquisite view of the sea.

On the top floor there are two bedrooms, a bathroom surrounded by large terraces. There is also another apartment built on the land of 98.00sq.metres in size with a living room, kitchen, bedroom and a covered terrace. The house relevantly new and was built in 2002.

Alykos is a beautiful area with virgin beaches and an authentic landscape ideal for a peaceful and restful holiday. There is easy access to nearby restaurants which specialize in traditional Naxian delicacies.