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Helping You Build a Life Over seas

Helping You Build a Life Over seas

There are so many reasons why Greece is a popular choice for would-be British expats;

the fantastic climate, the rich cultural history and architecture, the sense of community,

the friendly people, and of course, the tasty Greek food. Then, of course,

there is the fact that you can purchase a 3 bedroom villa with sea views in

Cyclades -Koufonisi Naxos making the choice to purchase a property here almost a no – brainer!


Are you considering a second home in Greece? We specialise in the promotion and sale of luxury homes on the Greek islands Whether it is a seafront villa in Naxos, or a historic house, or a sea view mansion in Small Cyclades, buying a holiday property in Greece has always been the perfect choice. Easy access, solid infrastructure, healthy climate an amazing landscape and a rich culture makes Greece the ideal location for an overseas property destination.
and the best architectural style.

Seaside house in Donousa Cycladeshave summer on my mind! It’s is a lovely Spring day here in The Naxos and in a few weeks time we will be .in a small cyclades in Donousa island. Today’s post is about another beautiful seaside house in the wonderful beach of Donousa.. The two-bedroom villa can best be described as simple and humble, a building that remains close to the earth, respecting the landscape and embracing the user. The house and the environment co exist in harmony creating a unique scenery in the calmness that develops a simple lifestyle in direct contact with the gold waters of

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