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Greek Cycladic architecture

Traditional Greek architecture

The traditional Greek architecture of Cyclades is what have made this island group so famous around the world. The sugar houses with flowered gardens, the white walls, the blue-domed churches and the paved paths create a fantastic fairyland to walk around and admire beauty in simplicity. Houses in Cyclades islands have been built with plain constructive elements in order to cover the main daily needs, but they are considered wonderful works in terms of aesthetics. As piracy was a very important problem for the Aegean islands in the Medieval era, architecture had an evident defensive style. Houses were surrounded by strong castle walls, while villages were built in high altitude away from the sea, so that they could timely spot pirate invasions.Important factors that affected Greek architecture of Cyclades was the environment, climate, water shortage and landscape. The villages had no architecture plan at all, but developed according to the local territory. As there was no wood available in the Cyclades islands, beams were rarely taller than 3 metres and houses had only one floor.

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