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Ancient Temple Of Demeter – #naxos

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In the village of Sagri, at Gyroula you will find one of the most remarkable buildings of ancient Naxos, the Temple of Demeter.

The temple was built around 530 BC and is one of the earliest Ionic temples. It was built completely from Naxian marble. Based on the finds, the sanctuary was probably dedicated to Demeter or perhaps Kore. For this reason and because of its unusual shape, the temple is often referred to as a telesterion.

The temple is made entirely of white marble in square shape, with columns on its façade and in the interior of the temple. It is impressive that the whole building, is completely permeated by a common curvature, for which each individual part of the building had to be specially formed. This careful shaping of individual parts made the task of reconstruction easy, since the exact measurements of a large number of the 1600 or so surviving parts of the building indicated their original location.

Today, the reconstruction of the temple has been completed and operates as a museum exhibition.


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