To all Naxos island lovers


To all Naxos lovers …
Naxos Greece. is the largest island of the Cyclades. (Kyklades – Greek Pronunciation) island group in the Aegean Sea.
It is a land mass of some 429 square kilometers making it large enough to be sparsely populated even during the peak of the tourist season.

Herodotus (circa 500 BC) describes Naxos as the most prosperous of the Greek islands. In fact,
Naxos also dominated commerce in the Cyclades. during the 8th and 7th centuries BC.
It is still a dominant economic player in the Cyclades.
Naxos island. is a popular tourist destination with plenty to do. In fact,
it is large enough to need a vehicle to get around it, if sightseeing is what you prefer.
The viewing of several more important and less important ancient ruins and medieval structures, from the famous .Naxos Portara.
to the ancient temple of Dimitra and the medieval Venetian Castle to be found in the old city section of the capital is highly recommended.

The climate:
is naturally Mediterranean, with warm summers and relatively mild winters.
Being a large island, it has many pristine beaches with various coloured crystal clear waters,
ranging from blue to turquoise and green. Most of the beaches are of fine sand and several are very long,
allowing for privacy even during high season. Agios Georgios, of the many beaches is very shallow for quite some distance into the water with taverns just behind the beaches, a perfect place for families and especially those with young children.

Another great point in the island’s favor is that, because of its size, rowdy night life tends to be a little further away from hotels and rooms. Since Naxos is not a “wild party island”, a wide variety of night life establishments are available. Eating is really good and reasonably priced, with Greek sized portions, which are rather generous. You certainly will not go hungry or feel cheated here!

Naxos villages, a romantic trip back in time.

Naxos, the Greek island, has more than 30 villages across the island. Today some of them are uninhabited or may have very few inhabitants mostly of the older generation. However, some others may have a population of up to 2000 people with considerable numbers of children. Although until recently it was unknown to many tourists, many of these villages have become major tourist attractions gathering a sizeable tourist population especially during the high season when they have several local festivals.

The island is fertile and has plenty of water, even during the driest seasons.
It is the greenest in the Cyclades, a fact which is attributed mount Zas,
which touches 1000 m of altitude, thereby creating the islands own climate.
Strangely enough,

in contrast to the fact that most of the Greek islands.
had and still have a respectable fishing industry,
Naxos. derived most of its foodstuffs form the land.
Cattle breeding, dairy products, meat and meat derivatives potatoes and potato seeds, olive oil,
wheat, many varieties of fruit and vegetables and of course emery were the main products,
all of which were exported to various parts of Greece and some abroad.
Water is a precious commodity on the islands and since Naxos produces plenty of it,
it was and still is exported to other dryer islands of the Cycladic complex.
Marble was an ancient commodity also exported from the island.
an had a decent trade going in ancient times, it still is,
and as such comprises a main source of income for the inhabitants
of stonemasons and the quarry industry of Naxos island.

Because mount Zas sits almost squarely in the centre of Naxos,
most of the villages are mountainous,
while a few are located next to fertile valleys and plains and the balance is on the shores.

The end of the 2nd World War also signified the beginning of the migration from various parts of Greece to Athens or other major Greek cities as well as other countries abroad. It was during this period that the villages of Naxos, lost a large part of their population, as did other islands, all in search of a better life.


Explore all Naxos villages and discover the unique beauty each has to offer.

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